Does postpartum belly fat and weight loss myths – your fitness IQ measure up?

Launches new mothers try to lose her postpartum belly fat, they can quickly all the information lost, that is available. Much of this information flies in the face of common sense and the truth of the matter of weight loss. Learn the truths about fitness and fat loss after the birth of a child. The short quiz below to find out what it really takes to recover your weight frame figure.

The questions and answer “True” or “False” then read reading to find what you really knew the answers!

1 Skipping meals is a great first step

2. You can reduce on-site, certain parts of the body

3. If some fat is free, you can eat as much as you want

4. Eating less than 1200 calories per day is accelerated weight loss

5. You can lose weight without exercise, and


1 False.  Many, many diet fall into this trap.  They think that she will reduce your calories for the day by skipping meals.  Most likely they binge, and here is why.  If you skip meals, your blood sugar takes a nosedive.  This leads to make to bad eating habits, if you finally eat.  You also probably very fast food and take in many more calories than you need.  Eat small meals throughout the day, the blood sugar levels to maintain and calories under control.

2. Wrong.  New mothers want their postpartum belly fat as the target and make it disappear, but human bodies that do not work.  If you exercise, lose fat throughout the body.  Focus on the general fitness and good nutrition, and will be well on the way to this poochy area to get rid.

3. False.  You can not even stuff, fat-free muffins, cookies and light ice creams and expect to lose weight.  Fat-free or not, there are to many calories in these foods and your body processed every single calorie.  Many fat-free processed foods are full of salt and sugar to give them some taste, so be very careful.  In addition, you need some fat in your diet to satisfied and not chew to keep.

4. False. In fact, he can do just the opposite. Not enough calories per day makes the body to fit the smaller amount of food.  As a result, your metabolism will slow down.  In addition, your body can go into starvation mode and hold every calorie to survive to save. Then, when you start to eat because your calorie consumption must be reduced to you at the end of more weight gain, even though they eat less back to normal.

(5) True.  You must not necessarily exercise, to lose weight.  But weight loss is about inclusion in comparison to output; So, if you increase the caloric output, you improve, your chances of winning are conquer your postpartum belly fat, which is much faster.  Select try to stick to it the process interested, a number of new activities.  Try swimming laps, aerobic and dance Samba.  Exercise has several so many additional benefits, that it is a great idea in the habit, some aerobic activity and some strength training three times per week.