Diets 2009 – the banana diet Acai Berry Juice Diet – none of them work?

If you have 2009 examined the best diet, then you have encountered probably the banana diet and the Acai juice diet. The big question, however, is this work? In this article I will be helping to answer that question and let you know, what is the best way to lose weight in the new year.

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The banana diet- Basically what you do is this: you wake up to drink and half a cup of warm water. Then you begin to eat, how many bananas as possible to the breakfast not even stuff, but enough food that you are no longer hungry. 2-3 Is usually sufficient to drink warm water while you do this. For lunch and dinner, you can eat what you want.

Does it work?

Simply said no. Although bananas are regularly for their fiber and bananas for breakfast eat potassium to eat no other reason, this benefits theres somehow away burn would will end with dinner or the Burger, you eat lunch from this pizza. The opportunity that would be restrictions on the lunch and dinner then this diet had potential for weight loss. Now, its just hype and people are but to buy.

The acai berry juice dietary This diet is a bit misleading in the market. What it really is, is a fiber shake to drink 1-2 servings of Acai juice every day in addition. Acai berries are very high in anti oxidants, so it can help to prevent diseases and improve anti-aging effects.

Does it work?

Something… The truth is that it the Acai as much as the fiber instead of the people that on this way helps weight loss. Truly not it should be called even a diet like you are drinking only juice, every day and see a fiber shake, which most health-conscious people do every day anyway. Weight loss terms, it is the fiber can help to keep your colon clean, but Acai really strong highly stylized in terms of their effectiveness. In fact, it is a very healthy supplement. For cutting weight loss not it however.

The best ways to lose weight in 2009!

Try cleaning, something like the master cleanse, if done properly can be 10-15 pound weight loss in one week. As far as go diets calories shift was huge in 2008 and appears only in the year 2009 the most successful diet arise in the last 5 years! After all, work is becoming increasingly important, short high-intensity workouts only a few times a week can have tremendous weight loss results.

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