Diet – what young people should eat

How much protein do I need muscle?

“Teen-1, 5-2 grams of protein per kilogram weight.” E.g. If you weigh 50 kg, then you should eat 80-100 grams of protein ‘

As young people constantly adjust your body and that is why you need help much protein, the body in the production and repair of muscles when weight-training. Protein is a vital source of nutrition, which helps to repair the muscle weight after a session. Without protein of the body would be not able to repair damaged muscles on weight lifting and therefore their muscles would not be able to gain in size. Protein is a big part of the bodybuilding and found mainly in meat and dairy products, but also in non-exhaustive sources such as nuts, beans and grains.

List of protein sources


• Chicken

• Beef

• steak

• Lamb

• Fish

• Milk

• Eggs

• Nuts

• Grains

• Buckwheat

• Beans

Protein for you poor varies?

You are not naturally and artificially produced. The manufacturers use (sugar, sweeteners, to make attractive colors and flavors, the drink. Shakes are often very low in the fat proteins need fat for proper Mentabolism and use. She can be reached if you can consume enough protein through food but crucial for your protein intake does not. We need proteins in our body, to repair our muscles and if we do not consume enough in our daily diet our muscles are unable to repair and grow stronger. advises

alleged side effects for teen

• Stains

• Stomach cramps

Many people take protein shakes, protein in the muscle and shakes a quick and cheaper alternative offer. However. take a lot of people not protein shakes or bars, because they fear that they are unhealthy. Important to understand that protein shakes are not natural and artificially manufactured at high temperatures. This means that the quality of the protein is would get food IE steak not as good as in your usual protein base. The protein in shakes also contains a lot of artificial sweeteners and sugar to improve the taste. My advice is to try and your protein intake (2 grams per kg of weight) by a protein-rich diet. However, it is too difficult to reach their protein intake through food alone for a lot of people, so she shakes to help, their protein intake need boost.

What time of day should I take my protein?

My best advice is that if you take, then take a little before the training and the rest of Post Workout. This will help to ensure that your body has to repair muscle protein during exercise and then again after the training. However, some teen shakes you feel sick, if you have to before training see how you feel. As they taking during your workout, I would not, can advice as they hard to drink and maybe good, while you can not digest the training. As for other protein you ever can have daytime and can be used even for snacks such as tuna or chicken of sandwiches.

How does what I eat and drink my mood?

“Food and beverages bad create your mood change to go, often that to lose on a sugar rush for energy and concentration”

All young people have a mood that swing some more frequently than others at any given time. A lot of it has to do with the teenage diet. Soft drinks and other high sugary products give young people a quick energy kick, where they feel a buzz and can be hyperactive. After that buzz of the sugar is rush, you then start to feel, what is called the “crash”effect, where your blood sugar levels have reduced and you begin to feel tired and energyless. Find more difficult to concentrate and be aware. We understand how these products everyday life belong to a teenager, but we recommend that you start