Depression-mantra-Yoga and meditation

Depression is the most common emotional disorders. This may vary from feelings of slight sadness to utter misery and dejection. It combines a variety of physical and psychological symptoms, which together represent a syndrome.
Depression is the unpleasant experience, that a man can bear. It is much harder to deal with than a physical disease. The growing complexity of modern life and the resulting crisis, as well as mental stress in daily life, usually leads to this disorder. A life without meaningful variations in urban life is created from the monotony and drudgery. Suicide is the biggest danger in extreme cases of depression.
It is not always easy to clinically diagnose depression. The most striking symptoms of depression are feelings of acute sense of loss and unexplained sadness, loss of energy and interest. The patient usually feels tired and lacking interest in the world around him. Sleep disturbance is common. Usually, the patient is depressed with 4 or 5 in the morning wakes up and is not in a position, again to sleep. Other sleep patterns are difficulties at the exit at night, nightmares and repeated awakening from midnight in bed going to sleep.
The patient often suffers from guilt, depressing feelings and selfishness. Other symptoms of depression include: loss of appetite, Gidiness, itching, nausea, restlessness, irritability, impotence or frigidity, constipation, pain and pain throughout the body, lack of concentration and lack of decision-making power. Some individuals may lose interest in food and fast weight loss suffer from, while others can use, often eating and thus gain weight.
Cases of severe depression, low blood pressure, flushing can by low body temperature, and trembling are characterized.
A call for help from the tormented spirit of depressive persons represent the external symptoms. Severely depressive patient feels worthless and is finally convinced that he is responsible for his downfall and his presence of hopeless despair.
Depleted functioning of the adrenal glands is one of the major causes for mental depression. Customs of digestive problems cause irregular diet and, that the assimilation of fats. An excess of carbohydrates such as grains, white sugar, coffee, tea, chocolate, and comparatively less amounts of fruit and vegetables in the diet can lead to indigestion. Due to indigestion, gases in the digestive tract, causing compression of the diaphragm in the area of the heart and lungs. This in turn reduces the supply of oxygen to the tissues, the level which caused General depression raises carbon dioxide.
The excessive and indiscriminate use of drugs also erroneous assimilation of vitamins and minerals from the body, eventually causing depression. The use of aspirin cause deficiency of vitamin C and antacids can cause that the deficiencies of calcium and vitamin B. diabetes, low blood sugar (hypoglycemia), and weakness of the liver, from the use of refined or processed foods, fried foods and excessive intake of fat can also lead to depression.

The healing
The modern medical system treats depression with anti-depression drugs that have temporary relief but harmful side effects and eliminate the causes of not or to prevent that a repetition. The harmful side effects include a confused state, cramps gross liver damage, hypersensitivity, insomnia, hallucinations, a decline of in blood pressure over, headache and dizziness, blurred, see storage brings difficulties in the breath and urine. The action plan for the self treatment of depression consists of regulatory, nutrition, movement, scientific relaxation and meditation.
Nutrition has profound effects on the mental health of a person. Even a nutritional deficiency can cause depression in susceptible people. Dr. Pricilla, associate clinical professor at the University of California, writes nutritional brain chemicals such as serotonin and norepinephrine, which affect establishing mood and often lacking in depressed people. She recommends that consumption of food, rich in B vitamins, such as such as whole grains, green vegetables, eggs and fish.
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