David Beckham and the LA Galaxy football team!

Wow! We are getting ready for the start of the new season fun and exciting times! The football season 2009 is to start, and I’m thrilled! I am with a great new season L.A. Galaxy, actor, David Beckham, and is sponsored by Herbalife! The entire team looks to be outstanding this year!

I have followed for some time David Beckham , his career is very exciting! His career began at the age of 14. He had me as a trainee for the Manchester United team. In the following year, as a substitute, he made his debut in the League Cup match against Brighton, the game ended in a tie game.

Since its launch as a trainee, who has known become one of David the largest Football icon ! He has managed only to dream only that which others have. David’sEndurance, dedication and total love for soccer enabled him, several League cups and titles, achieving throughout his career.

I am pleased to come in my hometown, just David Beckham and the Los Angeles Galaxy and our own Colorado Rapids teamto play!

BeckhamsPassion and love for football, is the type of drive, it makes all of us no matter what we do, want to be so excited. We all enjoy what we do, as it would be life spectacular!
I would like to say I’m welcome me sorry, Real Madrid team , a FAN from the United States , very David Beckham for our country!

Just as a reminder, for all what you fans Beckham: new beginnings Documentry , is in the air on ESPN in the United States on July 21, 2009 at 19:30.

I would like to say: Welcome to the United States, DAVID Beckham!

Colorado soccer fan!


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