Cutting edge weight loss: What is HCG?

“HCG, human chorionic gonadotropin, is a hormone that is naturally produced by the placenta during pregnancy. This hormone goes a long way to controlling the metabolic function of the pregnant woman. In addition, it helps to prevent the deterioration of the corpus luteum in the ovary. As a result, the corpus luteum can continue to produce progesterone, which is needed during pregnancy.

Since HCG is produced during pregnancy, doctors routinely checks for elevated HCG pregnancy test. HCG is a hormone associated with pregnancy, to the help to treat women with fertility and other hormonal issues.

In addition to the effects that has HCG hormones, it has gained popularity as a dietary aid also a high degree. To help men and women with weight loss, HCG is injected into the Dieter muscle on a regular basis. Occurs at the injection in combination with a very low calorie diet of 500 calories per day to lose weight can lose a significant amount of weight those who try, in a short time.

One of the reasons HCG is so popular when used with a very low calorie diet is the fact that it makes it possible to consume a small amount of calories without the side effects that are often associated with a such a small amount of food to eat. In fact those that the diet along with the HCG injection in the overall consequences not hunger pain experience and have an increased level of energy. In addition, they lose not lean muscle mass, which is a common concern, if you follow a very low-calorie diet.
There are some possible side effects when taking HCG, although these side effects more common in women taking the drug for fertility purposes as men or women, that the drug will help with weight loss. This is because women, the HCG for fertility have to much larger doses than those the it for weight loss. For some headaches occur when the drug to take, and some people experience other symptoms, often in connection with pregnancy. These symptoms are however extremely rare when taking HCG for weight reduction.

It should be noted that HCG has not been approved by the FDA for use as a weight loss aid. It is a safe drug to use for other medical purposes. It has not been approved as a dietary aid, an alternative form of the weight-loss treatment applies.”