Cross trainers suck for fat loss programs

You see them in every gym. Row on row of cross trainers in the use of people, which no Fat burning results still not to come, since Clinton was President. And yet for some reason people are addicted to elliptical machines, and you are about to find out why.

So would an overweight man or woman, a cardio-workout program sticking why don’t they get no results? The answer is of course human nature and a bit brainwashed. Because the day appeared most people first in a gym, everything that is said, big heart you is for fat loss.

But you and I can through this lie to see. After all, not more people would if it was so great, get results? If cardio for fat loss worked, why are there so many overweight people run a marathon? The alarm does not sound right there?

Most trainers are unfortunately completely wrong when it comes to their knowledge about cardio for fat loss. You don’t know about the studies that show that men and women lose only about a pound for every 50 hours completed cardio.

Read the most coaches have never study that showed some people eat a cardio program after the start and even weight gain! And some trainers about interval training, have never heard, although two studies have found that interval training works better for burning fat than boring old heart.

Cardio is so first of all, almost a complete waste of your time. If you like, reading magazines while drops of sweat on it, there really is no need that ever on one of these computers again up.

Even worse is when you combine with a slow, boring cardio long by this ridiculous Cross Trainer. This is the biggest waste of time, that spent in a gym since that day, they invented the terrible “broomstick twist” abdominal exercise.

Millions of men and women are wasting their lives and getting no results with cross trainer, and it makes me crazy. But that’s human nature. We would like to take the easy way, even when we know better.

It is the same with the food. We all know what we should and should not eat. Fruits and vegetables are good and McDonalds is bad. Who doesn’t know that? But it is so hard to the right diet.

The same is true with our exercise choices. We all know that running heavier work than with the Crosstrainer at a slow pace for one hour intervals. And we’re all smart enough to know that heavier work corresponds to more results.

However, we are all human beings. We want to get out. We want to believe that a pill will help to lose fat. The cold ice water could burn actually enough calories to centimetres from our waist shed. And that to do the equivalent of a Sunday stroll on a cross trainer, could help us to burn fat.

But none of these things work. You are all just classic fitness and fat jokes. And those, which to many people for everyday to fall.

That’s the truth. If you want to burn fat, you have to stop, long, slow cardio on the elliptical machine. You need to change to the interval training, and those who need to do outside or with a kettlebell or bodyweight exercises. If you stuck inside, the treadmill is the best, and even the bicycle Ergometer is better than the dreaded Cross Trainer.

You have to fight the Status Quo. Just say no to cardio. Get the Cross Trainer and start real results fat loss today in less time than ever with scientifically proven interval training workout.

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