COPD symptoms and conditions

COPD stands for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The disease worse as time goes by, in other words, it is a progressive disease. Those who have this disease find it difficult to breathe.

Cigarette smoking is among the top causes of this disease. Another leading cause of the disease is subject to the lung to various stimuli such as air pollution, chemical fumes and dust.

A disease affecting the lungs can cause COPD symptoms. Pursed lips breathing, cyanosis, barrel-chested and productive cough are some of these symptoms.

The cyanosis is a condition in which the lips, Nailbeds and skin get a bluish tingling. The reason for this is poor oxygenation.

Productive cough is the type of cough, which occurs when a person Airways due to inflammation and mucus contract. This contraction of the person Airways leads to reduction in the effectiveness of cough.

The amount of air flowing through the lungs is limited; As a result, the time needed by the lungs rises to breathe. Forced the loss of elasticity through the alveoli are the lungs, exhale vigorously. Strong exhalation requires that reduce time required to breathe out. Lung pressure increases by this strong exhalation and this could result in the collapse of the already structurally weakened respiratory tract. To prevent this collapse used the body pursing the lips to breathe. This type of respiration increases the expiration time on the level of the mouth. This increase of exhalation time prevents that reduce the lungs and helps only to a certain extent forced exhalation.
Barrel chest occurs when the lungs to expand. In this case that diaphragm is pressed down, and as a result, can efficiently close not. This leads to the reduction in the efficiency of the accessory breathing muscles. In the upper chest and neck and ribs are those that efficiency will be reduced.

Shortness of breath, chronic cough, hemoptysis, weight loss, and lower extremity edema are the most common symptoms of COPD.

Increase sputum production, chest tightness, clubbing of fingers are also recorded under COPD symptoms.