Combating stress and depression through proactive action with your health

My life has been a journey of joy, sadness, triumphs, depression and victories. At times of I think that my worst enemy was the most powerful resource that I had, and another time. I would like to share with you a personal history of 10 years ago. What I learned taught the strength, courage, resilience, and most important, secrets against my stress & anxiety and inner peace for me.

Ever since I can remember, never seemed to stop me. It was always to think, and I was always focused. Then I was thinking 10 years ago constantly alert opinion that as strength my worst enemy. You see, my mind was operating at full capacity, I had ridden anxiety and then I was incredibly stressed. My wife Abbi had only injured, we had our first Nutrition Center open and we bought our first House at the same time. There were three life events change the me past fully utilised pushed together. I could find no way, my mind to rest, and I fell into a deep depression.

Through this process, and with the support of my wife Abbi I immediately went on a journey of self improvement. Focused on the development of the following 5 skills to my stress combat, and pull myself out of the depression. Over the last 10 years these capabilities have helped thousands of my customers and members alike online, and I would like to share it with you:

Skill 1: Developing a health structure

I have the Venice feeding system based on the health structure. This is your Foundation. Her sleep, nutrition, exercise, supplements & water consumption are the 5 items, that to allow your body to work efficiently and effectively for you. Your energy manages your sleep, your diet stabilizes your blood sugar, your exercise releases negative stress while generating endorphins, your supplement fills the gaps and your water intake your body hydrated keeps. On this basis, the internal surroundings and overall balance of focus on the four remaining skills.

Skill 2: Start a stress journal

One way to get the overwhelming flood of concern out of my head is to write down your thoughts; Lets you become available. Too often, we lose contact with the exact reasons we are stressed (our stress trigger), and they get so disproportionately blown up. For this reason, I suggest, keep a stress journal – record when and why you stressed out to get. These provide the necessary awareness skill 3 to be successful.
Skill 3: Create solutions

After being informed of the trigger of voltage, you create solutions. I have always like the “worst case scenario” to use to begin with. From now on itself reveals, what would be the worst thing that could happen, you become much more aware of the scale of the challenge and come up with the source of stress. 99% of the time, will be used to determine that the “worst case” is manageable. Understanding this will relieve the stress. Then find it much easier to create a solution that prevents a repetition of these stressors.

Skill 4: Implement positive escapes

Many stressors lead to the desire to escape for a moment. This is a natural thing, because if there is a stressor adrenaline will increase your body. In response, the hormone gives your body to bring relaxation to cortisol. Hormonal swing solves typically the need for a temporary escape – many runaways are negative. For example, my escape, to food be used. A customization that I was made to change my flight… See if stressed instead of pizza, food, a negative run, I now walk a movie, or with my son, all positive escapes play ball. I’m still it benefit me always the escape that I want, and there is positive it is.

Skill 5: to learn

You continue to itself; to keep new ways positive stress, keep reading and enjoy you handle the process. I have personally gone through 4 stages, each time learn my own personal development, how it better to cope with stress.

I can proudly say that on the basis of these principles I every year more and more achieve peace of mind. Although life seems to get only more, is totally different now as I address the stressors. I learned how to implement these 5 skills faster and for the first time in my life I can say finally that I found, was the inner peace that I never thought possible.

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