Colon cleaning

Colon cleaning is very important even for those who are lucky to have regular, smooth bowel movements. It is a major misconception that people such as these are not in need of colon cleansers, and that the use of these is reserved for those people who need to regularize or normalize their own bowel movements. However, those who believe this are mistaken. Everyone, even those who do enjoy normal excretory functions, can benefit from a good colon cleanse – it’s just that people who have less efficient excretory system may need it more than others.

Firstly, even though our digestive and excretory systems have supposedly evolved perfectly over the millennia to help US break down food, absorb nutrients, and eliminate waste, they cannot have evolved to match our extremely rapid load changes in diet over the thousand years. Man has changed in on eyeblink from hunting and gathering food to how he is today – many people in this day and age consume a far greater amount of processed foods that are high in sugar, carbohydrate and empty calories than vegetables and better cuts of meat, for instance. And in this day and age, the ready availability and relatively low prices of the aforementioned food items make them practically a staple food for many people nowadays. But our digestive and excretory systems did not evolve to deal with such a diet. This is why even the supposedly healthy among US need to undergo colon cleansing – but not only that; they have to compensate by balancing out their diets, if they do not already do so, and by living healthier lifestyles as well.

First, colon cleansing can be done by buying and taking one of the many cleansing products available today in the market, or eating significant amounts of high-fiber food and drinking great amounts of water. The special cleansing products can consist of many things, from psyllium husk to organic senna leaves and extracts, which are proven to stimulate bowel movement. You can purchase them in many forms according to your needs, from loose powder that can be stirred into drinks or cereal to capsules that can be swallowed, to teas that can be drunk. Mostly, these products take several hours to bring about their full effect, and it is usually best to drink some water as well to help speed things along.

Secondly, you can so try eating high fiber foods, if you do not already, and avoiding other sorts of foods that may lead to ‘ clogging. Oatmeal and various kinds of fruit are always good for the digestion; they may be enjoyed in different ways, from eating raw and ‘ as is’ to stewing, serving in pies or cakes and so on. (Just be mindfull that alot of cream or milk and sugar can lead to increased weight, and eating plenty of dairy items, meat can lead to clogged innards.) Again, you’ll have to drink a lot of water to help them become effective-as a matter of fact, not drinking enough water can bring about both constipation and dehydration.

Thirdly, try to see if you can improve your lifestyle. Sleep more, exercise more, try not to work so hard, avoid or learn to deal with it stress properly. Such factors have been proven to curtail the effectiveness of the digestive and excretory systems.