Christian weight loss – 6 words that stopped me from overeating

What’s going through the head shortly before the food in his mouth? Perhaps you will tell some of them; Mmmmm, that is good, or oh I want that someone else, or they are so good, or I can’t stop, they are so yummy, etc..

Whatever you say, have problems with overeating or eating junk food, is your focus on the food or the good feelings that give you a taste. The last thing, which you think is God.

The first thing do you to eat a meal and what is sitting? Well, if you are like most Christians, they say grace. Their focus is on thanked God for the food to eat you.

What is, if you are at a big meeting? It is a church gathering, should your priest, Minister, or someone else, to say a prayer before everyone eats. If it is a non-Church-function there is likely no prayer is said before the dinner.

In these situations what do you think right after the prayer? You forgot God, how you go into food mode? Do you believe God while you eat or did he leave feedback as soon as the prayer was finished? Do you think time to snack about God?

I was no different than most of you. If I eat a meal would I say grace, and as soon as I finish ‘amen’ say every thought of God was gone. When snack time came I never thought about God.

I realized one day after binging for the umpteenth time, I had no control over my eating habits. I was at my wits end and asked God to help me.

The idea (if I have it I call it God thoughts, because I sure don’t come with them on my own top), hit mine like a 2 x 4 in the forehead and my head snapped back. Thank you, Lord, for this food. I was to say these 6 words before I have any bite. I repeat, that I had to say these 6 words before each bite. Not only on the meals, but when I also snacked. My first thought was, you’ve got to be kidding me.

I knew that this didn’t come out of my head, because the word diet is not my daily vocabulary. Of course the word not refers nutrition junk food. Refer not to any kind of food, if you eat again as they are full.

Try this exercise:

Sitting at a table with something healthy to eat.Sits make you to be before Jesus, you smile at you. Get the food look at him and say: thank you, Lord for this food. Take a bite, keep in mind, he is watching you, (not his wide smile forgotten about)! Do it again. Keep in mind as your focus on God remains, while you eat? Talk about a whole new intensity to eat to bring.

Well, sit at the table with some junk food. Again, imagine that Jesus to you, smiling and watch sits. Pick the food, see you and say thank you, Lord, for this food. Can you do it?

If I did that with healthy foods, I found it an intensity to eat caught can I not even describe. I found that I eat devouring was not, as used to be, and I ate much more slowly and eat less.

When I tried it with junk food I couldn’t at first also. I was ashamed to thank him also for the food, I knew my body would abuse (his temple). If I forced me to taste not the junk food as good as usually did and I felt it myself dirty to eat it.

I found if I committed to do so, drastically improved my eating habits and I lost weight. If I failed to do this, I would of binging slip back into my old habits.

Try it, maybe to lose weight along with win a new food buddy! God bless.

© Copyright 2008 Daniel Wychor all rights reserved