Chinese tea – remove weapons

You healthy Chinese tea benefits of the

Chinese tea consists of a variety of plants for a variety of reasons. Chrysanthemum flower tea is a very common species. Drink to the meals there, digestion, helps above all the greasy food. It is also often included, (tension headaches) and the balance of the “Yangness” or “Heatiness” in our body relieve strengthen the lungs, head to help. If from fresh flowers, flowers can applied to relieve the dryness and itching eyes. In China Chrysanthemum is suspended now tea for Office workers video display terminals (VDTs) recommended.Add 2 tbsp Chrysanthemum bud tea, 2 tbsp Chinese wolfberries (GEI-JI) and 3 slices of dried Licourice (Kam Choe), this healthy tea – a teapot to make water – can containing 500 ml. Fill with boiling hot water. Steep for 5 minutes before drinking. If the teapot is empty, again pouring hot water for a second round.

There were studies that suggests that the Chinese tea can cause weight loss, by stimulating the body to burn calories and decreasing body fat.

Certainly, I think that should be part of healthy lifestyle of each person, Chinese tea , whether you there as a resource for diet and healthy weight loss or do not want to use.  But I don’t think that green tea is a magic solution for weight loss.

Get off my personal experiences with the attempt, a healthy weight and diet, I’ve found that I usually tend to weight at

  • I’m emotionally stressed
  • I’m no equilibrium maintain lifestyle.
  • I take the time to enjoy my meals
  • I’m not paying attention to what I eat record

Chinese tea drinking, has a number of benefits for the human body. Because the tea has cooling properties, a Chinese tea can be a good selection of refreshments during the hot season.

If all these allegations about Chinese tea are met, we all can, then switch to drink, to maintain Chinese tea regularly to a healthy weight.