Chakra meditation: 7 chakra meditation techniques to immediately relieve your symptoms

Our body has seven different important energy centers or meridians. If it is to get by the meridians from the balance, this leads to fear and out-of-balance feel. Sometimes it causes also complaints such as pain and emotional suffering.

One of the best ways is to compensate for your meridians to meditate. If you feel centered and grounded, you feel comfortable with the world and therefore also a general feeling of well-being and happiness you feel. An unprimed man feel exactly the opposite. He or she no longer feel with the world and has a general feeling of fear and stress. The feeling of the out-of-sync causes health and relationship problems in the long run.

You will discover how most your solve life problems, simply by focusing on the chakra (Meridian), which is out of balance. Subsequently helps ease and easy-to-implement guide you through your challenges and to strengthen your spiritual muscles.

There are seven centers of life energy. Muladhara is the first and lowest chakra located at the base of the spine. It is known as the storage of Kundalini. Muladhara energy mean? the electric force of creation, the cohesive power matter?. Meditation on this Center leads to the mastery of lust, jealousy, anger and passion.

Svadisthana is the second chakra is located at the root of the genitals. Meditation on this Center offers the option and communicate with people, who inhabit the astral world.

Manipura is the third chakra, located near the navel. Meditation on this heart disease to cure, secret desires to meet and gives insight into the deepest consciousness of the other spirit.

Anahata is the fourth chakra is located in the chest, close to the Centre. Meditation on this Center strengthens the psychic abilities, the ability to listen and see at great distances generated and ensure material assets.

Vishuddha is the fifth chakra, at the foot of the neck and is regarded as the gate to the plane of the eternal wisdom. ? Who will focus on this Centre? Saying an old?Is a wise in the Saints know a Prince under the Yogis?

Ajna is the sixth chakra is located between the eyebrows on the grounds of the? the third eye.? It is the seat of our intellectual capacity, the whereabouts of the individual consciousness and our meeting point with the divine. To meditate, this Center brings us into contact with our spiritual guru and guides us in the secret knowledge of tantra.

Sashasrara is the last chakra is located above the Crown of the head. Here, the ultimate goal of tantra meditation is reached. The Sashasrara controls the six centres including.

Exercise to improve your life these meditation techniques on a regular basis and feel the connection with unused source of universal energy.