Cellulite treatments in Dublin

Have you ever thought, that a cellulite treatment? Here is what you can expect!

Cellulite treatments in Dublin as so much as we we do not really want look at trashy mags with pictures of celebrities who are “Just love like US!” in all its glory by lumpy bumpy the same sagging skin or have dimpled thighs than this “circle of shame”.

Fortunately, there are treatments and products with which we no different is most of our trouble spots to eliminate, and cellulite. Here at La Spa we have a range of services that will help you to a cellulite-free for always be!

What is cellulite?

Try and imagine: we all have, for our body is like an invisible grid. Between each section of this grid, are lumps of fatty deposits. If we not enough exercise or in the fattening food let go by much, these fatty deposits swell and push through the grid create this rough orange peel effect.

A cellulite treatment or more realistically a number of cellulite treatments, targets these fatty deposits, down to break and restore strength. A really good and long-lasting cellulite remove to have effect, we recommend combining the treatment with a healthy way of life – both diet and exercise sensibly.

Various cellulite treatments that are available:

Endermologie/Lipomas Sage for cellulite removal

Endermologie, also known as Lipomas legend, offers a scientifically proven solution to cellulite remove. It is a non-surgical, non-invasive procedure, which slims, shapes and tones problem areas for long-lasting results.

What does the removal cellulite treatment Endermologie/Lipomas Sage?

The mechanical massage machine Endermologie kneads and manipulated the fatty deposits in the deeper layers of the skin (the subcutaneous tissue), promote blood circulation, promote lymphatic drainage and insulate your muscles have accumulated fat.

The therapist holds a device connected to the Endermologie machine, which includes roles in different directions move and massages your problem areas for about 45 minutes. The amount of treatments that you need depends on your own personal goals. Your therapist can advise a number of treatments for you.

Endermologie/Lipomas Sage is an effective solution for cellulite removal in its own right, the results are considerably accelerated, in combination with our VOYA hot algae ice bath therapy.

Remove algae/ice-baths for cellulite

Our VOYA hot baths and ice baths help to eliminate cellulite through the introduction of the extreme temperatures the body algae.

Algae baths are open pores, known for their anti cellulite properties with high concentrations of minerals, vitamins and iodine, so enter the skin tight, smooth and dense. But add an exciting dip in an icy cold bath and you have a cellulite rays Super treatment!

The sudden change from hot to cold kick starts your cycle; Improve circulation, increase the activity of the thyroid gland and increases your metabolism, helps to prevent that unwanted fat deposits return.

Fisioline cellulite-shock treatment

Now available at La Spa Therapie – crackle Fisiolines cellulite treatment: a revolutionary cosmetic technology, which combats cellulite with amazing results. Fisioline’s patented technology, crackling ® improves the activity of the active ingredients in the epidermis in the first few minutes of application.

In the course of a treatment period, Fisioline may have the following positive effects:

  • Reducing the amount of knee and thigh
  • Improvement in the flow of subcutaneous blood in treated areas
  • Reduction of skin irregularities and overall improvement of skin appearance

For more information about our comprehensive cellulite removal treatments and products, visit the cellulite-treatment page on our website.