Causes of weight loss – intentional and unintentional

Obesity or overweight is a common problem these days. Although everyone for a tight and slim and trim figure wants, it is not always available. Sometimes is the weight of each body control. A person is sometimes helpless against rising weight. Sedentary a person crosses food, carbonated drinks, refined carbohydrates and junk food, lack of exercise and physical activity for an obese State.

Health problems such as hypothyroidism or thyroid hormone deficiency, deficiency of essential fatty acids, crushing, syndrome, kidney, heart and liver problems, which can cause fluid retention in the body, a person looking for sagging or carry bulky. Is over weight also leads to a falling prey to health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease and arthritis. We notice a growing enthusiasm among the people for fitness programs go to the shed way extra flab and look smart.

To remove, is basically to cut down on the intake of fatty foods, sweet parts, alcohol, breaks from work every one hour and thirty minutes of work out, routine-based practice aerobics calories burning off, do brisk walking, etc.. In other words, excellent movement and diet hold importance to reduce weight, the reduction of the total body mass by get rid of excess fluid, bone, fat or adipose tissue contains minerals. Now, weight loss may be accidental or intentional.
Causes of unintentional weight loss

1. Certain types of cancer 2. AIDS
3. Gastro intestinal disorders such as celiac disease, Ulcus pepticum, ulcerative colitis, pancreatitis, gastritis, diarrhea, etc.
4. Infections such as endocarditis, parasitic attack
5) Kidney disease
6 Heart disease
7 Connective tissue diseases
8 Lung disease
9 Neurological disease

Causes of intentional weight loss

1 Nutrition therapy
2. Dietary restrictions
3. Crash dieting or being only in the water for more than 12 hours.
4. Nutritional supplements
5. Free hand exercise
6. Strenuous exercise, which would improve the rate of metabolism in the body.
7 Weight pills, suppress the appetite, reduce to inhibit the volume of the stomach and fat intake.
8 Intake of slimming herbs
9 Bariatric surgery or artificial reduction of the size of the stomach as a last resort to reduce weight.

Hope this article will help you to understand the most common causes of accidental or intentional weight loss. Weight loss if done with natural remedies, like controlled diet such as by taking, regular exercises and take herbal weight loss supplements weight hold not only healthy, but also disease free.