Causes of poor posture

Bad attitude is a common condition that many people are affected. Have bad posture, the effects can be seen, both in their appearance and how problems and even problems, chronic pain and difficulty in breathing feel, because it can help, and back and neck pain, such as headaches, CD.

Take a look at some common causes of poor posture, including psychological and physical problems.

Low esteem self

People who suffer from low self-esteem often keep their head down or breaking off their shoulders and as a result, draw her attitude out of alignment. In the course of time this becomes a habit and can lead to chronic bad attitude.

Pain or previous injuries

If you muscles to hurt or pain can keep you to compensate for your body in a different position. This can result in incorrect posture which can be learned habit over the course of time. Keep otherwise or else you can go is due to injuries or causes pain in almost every part of the body, so that it is not limited to back or neck injuries.

Imbalanced musculature

Sometimes can larger, to develop stronger muscles on one side of our body us, how we do things. If you wear always a heavy bag on a certain side of your body muscles on this page can be, for example, stronger than the muscles on the other side. This imbalance can cause that your body, focus to twist and to poor posture can help.

Extra weight

Extra weight can be put on your body and cause poor posture. For example, many women have with large breast location due to the additional weight pull arms on the front of her body. Other people who carry extra weight around the abdomen pulled problems with her lower back, which due to the weight of the stomach forwards.

These are some of the more common causes of poor posture. The good news is, that in most cases attitude as a habit that has learned, it can also be unlearned. It is difficult and uncomfortable trying to correct your posture, so you want to consider maybe can an Attitude help , on the route to remain until you learn to stand properly.

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