Cause and solution of the sagging neck skin

Loose neck skin in both men and women is relatively common.  There are a number of causes and influencing factors.  Usually several factors combine to create the problem.

The problem is more common in older people.  The effects of gravity can be partial fault.  There are some changes that normally accompany the aging process.  Most people wear to the lost strength, which in turn usually helps the formation of wrinkles.

  • ·         Elastic collagen and elastin fibers

Decline in production by the skin of elastic collagen and elastin fibers accompanied the aging process in General.  These fibers are primarily responsible for the firmness of the skin.

Being overweight can cause that the appearance of a double chin.  Weight loss can leave a person with loose saggy neck skin.  When a person is young, can fix the problem yourself with the time.  The problem may be permanently, if an elderly person loses weight.

The fatty tissue layer deep below the skin surface course thickness reduces, as a person gets older.  So, even if no weight is lost, there is still this decline and it can lead to sagging.

  • ·         Hyaluronic acid

Reduced levels of hyaluronic acid are known to accompany the aging process.  Hyaluronic acid is a glucose and amino acid complex that serves to keep the outer skin cells together.  It is also responsible for skin strength, secondary to collagen and elastin fibers.  Hyaluronic acid levels are by increased activity of Hyaluronidaise, a group of enzymes, to break down the glucose and amino acids.

  • ·         New cells

Decrease in the production of new cells accompanies the aging process.  For this reason, the skin thickness takes.  This is a small reason to be sure of the lost strength, but it is.

Excessive dryness is sometimes involved.  If moisture is missing cells and layers of the skin, they simply are less rounded.  Dryness can lead anywhere on the body lost strength.  It is also a cause of wrinkles.

  • ·         Nutrients

A lack of nutrients could be the cause of the sagging neck skin in both men and women of all ages.  Amino acids of proteins are needed to build new cells and fibers.  There are a lack of protein in the diet, a lack of amino acids.  The body directs these amino acids, which are available to essential organs.  Health and appearance of the skin can suffer.

Vitamin C is a necessary co-factor for the construction of strong Collagen fibers.  A lack of vitamin C in the diet could be the cause of loose saggy neck skin.  Also, have you should try bleeding gums, to increase your vitamin C intake.

  • ·         Inflammation

Inflammation can cause the sagging necklines.  Researchers have found that chronic or systematic inflammation is a major problem in industrialized societies.  The causes are unhealthy diet, physical inactivity and overweight or obesity.

Inflammation is one of the few things that the degrading elastic Collagen fibers in the skin.  Because the fibres degrade, they are weak.  Because there is decline in the production of new fibers, in circumstances of the body never replaced the damaged fibers an elderly person.

Any of the causes for loose neck skin in both men and women in any way dealt with can and sagging can be reduced without surgery.  Find how in my next article. Click on the link in the resource box below for – such as sagging neck skin to reduce, in men and women.   Sign up for the free skin care guide and newsletter.