Bra size calculator

Bra size calculator

Okay, let’s it.

Many people on my mailing list have asked what they really need to do to make money online.

I often tell them, is that they should consider first a niche market that is not very competitive. Have they cut their teeth in Internet marketing, then and only then should be moved into the competitive niche markets.

What do you do?

You now we take for example the niche of bras for women. You would be surprised that this niche market is very profitable and is not as competitive as many would think.

First, I would Google, to explore my most important keywords that I want as a target. I found several in the last minute, where it at least 5,500 searches each month with few competing sites.

Below are a few key words with at least 4,500 search queries per month with very little competition;

Bali bra

Bullet bra

Triumph BH

This alone could be very niche markets make niche for you, if you have products, can either promote or develop for these markets. I’m sure if you look online you unsuitable products meet the requirements here could find.

Okay so now have the keywords so you do what you. I would then see if there are competing sites for those keywords. If I only very few find the first, what I would do, which is to create a blog and a couple of articles have written for the keyword. I would then add links to articles to my affiliate offers.

I have more options that you can use to make money online. All what you need to do is visit my website and get your free tips

Always make sure that you research your keywords and find suitable products to promote in order to meet the requirements.

For your success

Mark Imris