Body for life review – does it work?

Body for life is a diet book, the a major bestseller more than 10 years since. This is an unusually long time for a diet book to remain so popular. Usually these books become a passing fad and quickly go out of fashion. This is different.

This is just clever marketing really works body for life?

Body for life was by Bill Phillips, former bodybuilder and fitness expert (he is also the author of the transform solution program) written. Phillips is known to have helped thousands of people from different countries, her body and her life through his books, seminars and other training change.

Body For Life combines an intensive training program with a detailed eating plan, to produce a quick and permanent fat loss. The idea is to increase the metabolism by increasing your muscle mass and eating right.

You will need about 3 strength workouts and 3 cardio training per week. The strength-training goals will your entire body so that you will get toned everywhere. Be prepared to put in some hard work. Otherwise there is no point for you, this book ever use.

The training and nutrition guidelines in this book, I have no doubt that you will lose body fat and strengthen your body quickly. You learn, make like this healthier routine Regulr part of your life, so can long to maintain your weight loss when the 12 week plan in the book takes place.