Best leg exercises for quick weight loss


Bring about the best way to fast weight loss will shortly burst exercises, the large multiple muscle groups in a series of not against exercises, often as a circuit to engage. Leg strengthening exercises several muscle groups in the legs should be the basis for each circuit training program. Hip extensions and Schritt-Ups are two exercises that fit these criteria perfectly.

Execution lying hip extentions

Set to make with your hands at the sides with one leg straight and the other slope at an angle of 45 degrees. Lift your upper body and hips off the floor as high as possible by the heel of the bent leg into the ground just one keep the opposite leg. Then with the other leg repeat sinks you to repeat your upper body on the ground with the same leg until you reach the desired number of repetitions. This exercise is ideal for the entire quadriceps, especially the thighs, and all the muscles in your butt.

Do Step-Ups

Schritt-Ups is a fantastic exercise, which activates the muscles in your butt, your thighs as well as the peripheral muscles the calf and the Achilles tendon. The exercise can be done with dumbbells for extra resistance. It is very important that the step high enough to provide the activation of the muscles above the knee.

Start in the standing position next to the step or Chair. Step up, place your left foot on the step forward lean and to increase your body standing on the Bank. You should lift your body as soon as possible, the watch that not hyper extend your knees at the top. Re enter, the starting position with the right foot first. Continue, alternating the exercise repeat legs, until you reach the desired number of repetitions plots.

All together

Now that you know that these two exercises that simply training Wokout to Maimize so put your job in a circuit as the effectiveness of the Hey circuit for fast weight loss. Would be the best way to do this, make sure that the exercises is before and after each of these leg exercises a non-against (upper body) or a total body exercises. Make sure that your circuit between six and ten exercises has. Each exercise should have between ten and thirty repetitions. Depending on how many exercises are in your circuit, should the series repeat often enough, that is the total number of records between twenty and thirty. It is the entry below, to give you an example.

Step of UPS 20 (10 per leg)

Burpees 10

High knee 50

Jumping jacks 60

Hindu pushups 20

Lunges 20

Lying hip extensions 20 (10 per leg)

Elevated push ups 20

Three rounds