Behind belly fat – an easy to step directly to lose belly fat fast

Belly fat is to serious illnesses like heart disease and diabetes are closely linked. Studies have shown that belly fat is bad extra, but researchers are abdominal fat is so deep, the exact cause of health risks is still investigated. According to government researchers, stress, tension, and excess belly fat, the connection between the metabolic syndrome. Cause that this situation, the culprit is insulin resistance and solved this problem is probably until the end of abdominal fat is. Abdominal fat is considered today to be the main cause of the chronic inflammation.

To lose belly fat, not your clothes or your swimsuit is actually good number of poor people. The most important is the belly fat is stored energy and belly fat, subcutaneous, show your love handle and the role of the abdomen. It is assumed that the problem of stubborn belly fat, but is actually fat control problem.

You need to know how you effectively reduce belly fat, the first thing is, there is no magic formula, if it is to lose weight. The best way to belly fat to get rid of is the synergy of these four elements: the power of strength training, cardio-pulmonary and targeted abdominal exercises.

Muffin from the spare wheel in the Middle, this swelling in the stomach – no matter how you call it the belly fat is very hard to lose. So that remains the question of how to effectively reduce belly fat? I will not be you who is belly fat very hard to get rid. If you want to lose belly fat, then you more than you change your diet combined with exercise, so can you lose belly fat within very short time.

Another way to fight belly fat is to find effective ways to reduce your stress, movement and less food. To reduce stress, will control of the production of cortisol, causing significantly to reduce belly fat.

Strength training with cortisol, which helps to reduce belly fat and suppress your appetite. Food and?-3 foods that reduce stress. Fish baked, grilled or baked to a low concentration of PCBs and dioxins. Eliminate sugar and white flour, can also help to reduce belly fat in life “, many of us move. Quickly learn to calculate your day, how many calories to lose. You can monitor your belly fat with calipers. Brake calipers for your body fat measure, so that you can follow the loss of belly fat in the belly.

Movement may be a more effective way to lose belly fat than the diet itself, according to new research from Wake Forest University. But it may be the movement itself not sufficient for some people, the burning of stomach fat. The food is a very important factor, here are some things when trying to lose belly fat, keep in mind:

Ø eat less sugar
Ø eat less processed foods
Ø consumption of less sodium
If you manage to lose your weight by 5%, 10% can dangerous belly fat layer reduce up to 30%.