Before and after photos, the 2 tricks behind the amazing transformations

You know the pictures and the captions: “lean, muscular,” you’re a “hard gainer”?  And my favorite “about this in 90 days”.  It’s almost like magic, they are so amazing. So, how they are doing it?  Well, if you’re the wizard… you know the “magic”.

The first is what I have to say that all that are actually real before and after the photo, I know.  Not photo shopped or modified to a large extent.  The physical transformations that took them and actually take place.  It is not represented simply, exactly, how it happened.

Let’s start man, transforming it into an Adonis with the thinner.  The hard Gainer.  The fact that when it comes to muscle building, we are all hard gainers.  You do not add 30 lbs of muscle easily.  No one does, or everyone would do wouldn’t she?  Genetic predisposition and body type it makes slightly more difficult now some people to enlarge, but everyone eventually will.  And therein lies the first trick.

You are years apart before and after photos of this fantastic transformations.  Not months, weeks or days.  Years.  Exactly, you notice the photos are there is always a difference in the facial features, if they try to avoid shooting straight in the face.  The hairstyle is different, different color, shading and lighting changed be and skin color is typically darker after that.  These are done all, to increase afterwards and it work, and your attention away from the fact to take, which is the thin front Photo 5 or more years old.

Newsflash: a variety of very heavy weight often lift, eat much protein and work hard at it and in 5 years each pack on muscle.  No miracle weight lifting routines

Then there is the Doughboy before photo ever Mr. universe in the then and do it in 90 days.   Well, this happens.  Have you ever as a professional lifter looks when they go 30 days without having to lift her body 15 lbs of blubber add?  You look a lot like the people in the pictures.  Big, beefy, finding even clunky, very soft and smooth.  But if you ever have had before 3% body fat, you can again to that number 10 times faster than doing it for the first time.  The same applies to muscle memory in lift.  There you can years to achieve a degree of weight for bench or whatever, then hurt himself and have to take months take.  If you can hit the weights for the first time you might handle 60-70% of what you did.  But it comes back in a few weeks.  The same is true for fat loss.  They will be literally identical in every respect before and after photos.  This is because these 60-90 days have been taken apart.  But that isn’t some Schlub from the street front of the photo. He is to delete a very muscular dude with 25 kg of fat.  Been there, done that the.

Eventually I learned that the Internet is loading information useful, helpful, free of charge.  You need to look only after that.  If you’re too lazy to do, and opt instead for some costly “program”, realize that it not not make purchase more lazy.  Save your money.