Average female height and weight: Find out how you measure up?

Flat, body-obsessed these days, we hear things like: Marilyn Monroe was a size 12 to a size 0 is too big for Posh Spice or that fitness models are a size 8.

The media is out of control.

How often we crawl, if the media Renée Zellweger rushed to gain weight for her role as Bridget Jones’s diary (she looked perfectly normal for us). The sad truth is that many women have no idea, what is the average female height and weight not more.

So get one for once, just leave us our facts, so are we?

Mathematically, the exact average of all women in America from data and statistics is compiled:

• Height: 63.8 “(etwas mehr als 5’3?)”
• Weight: 163 kg
“• Waist: 36.5”

If you cast to, which in today’s sizes there is a mess. With a height of 5’3 “you would see the Petite shoots at the gateway shopping and the largest size is two inches smaller around the waist above the average!” You would need to go up a size 18 to size 20 in the regular misses Department.

Not to mention, that the different gradually have moved large from label to label – and sizes over the years. What once a size 12 is a size 6; now a dress from 20 years ago is two inches around the waist smaller than it is now.

No wonder women are confused!

But what does “Average”? According to some charts, weight should be a woman, the 5’3 “133 pounds. So, ‘average weight’ means not “ideal weight.” It is a fact of life of American life today.
The truth is that while the average ideal weight is 133 pounds, can the ideal weight anywhere from 110 to 145 pounds, and that’s a pretty big gap!

Needs the ‘average’ woman then delete 15 pounds from her loaded frame? Thirty pounds? More than fifty pounds? To tell you the truth, it is only on the individual.

A woman could be 5’3 “and 163 pounds and look extremely overweight.” See how she could bear or two pounds, lose pounds but how like a reach. The same is true for someone on the other end of the spectrum – at 110 pounds, she looks completely average until you and I, or they could look like she could use a sandwich with extra Mayo.

What is the least and most importantly, how you think about yourself. If you are overweight, which tends to complicate your health, and it can be psychologically crippling. For women, the female at the withers and weight are what you see when you look in the mirror.

If you like what you see – if you think you’re the cat’s Meow – “go girl”! Stay as you are, and so make sure that you are healthy, happy and fit.

If you actively avoid mirror and to destroy an image, because like bold you a cow in there with you, but then to yourself to do a promise, what to be done needs to be happy.