Atkins Diet menu – it is really effective help to lose weight?

Weight loss is a serious problem today. It is not only a cosmetic problem, wherein his fat or overweight affects a person’s self-confidence and can cause that the problems also in serious illnesses and diseases that can cause in the field of heart disease, high blood pressure, depression, weight. And because of the increasing number of people in the United States, which is the demand for products and plans for weight loss in obesity on the rise. There are many popular products that are fast, safe and effective weight loss promise. A such diet plan, that was popular in the 1970s wins again recognition; This is the Atkins diet program.

This diet plan uses a low-carbohydrate but high in healthy fats like fish grease. The target is due to the high consumption of fat and low intake of carbohydrates turn into excess fat can, the Dieter will burn more fat than usual when he or she is doing physical activity. This means that the person due to the Atkins Diet menu can to burn fat faster. It is true that a person can lose fat lose weight at first, but this is usually only a short-term use. What the most promoters of the Atkins Diet menu do not want you to know is the fact that it side effects in their diet plan, outweigh the benefits.

A such side effects of the Atkins Diet menu is that when a person finishes, with carbohydrates or not enough carbohydrates food, engages the body protein convert to glucose. Protein is easy to repair damage caused by our body important because it uses, to maintenance and. But if to the protein not enough carbohydrates serve as a substitute for the lack of carbohydrates and thus the person less protein would have to get the body and you lose muscle.

Another side effect of the Atkins Diet menu is that it lowers the person T3 levels. The T3 is a thyroid molecule. This active molecule helps regulate metabolism to a person. If this diet plan the T3 level of the body is altered, the metabolism slows down. It is true that one can lose weight by not becoming the following the Atkins Diet menu, but you able, to achieve a healthier lifestyle. So, if you want to lose 9 pounds in 11 days with an effective and healthy diet plan, then you can use the fat loss 4 idiots use plan.

Fat loss 4 idiots does not encourage, less food or eating too much the key to a successful weight loss program is another thing, coupled with proper perception of weight to lose a healthy balance of all natural food groups and to be healthy. They keep it simple and precise without hitting talk around and they want to promote any product or supplement.