At 53 I finally found A diet plan that works!

If you’re like me and have tried every diet out there and still can’t reach your goal weight, I have found the answer to your problem!  Fat loss 4 idiots is awesome website that gives you the information and the tools you need to succeed at weight loss!

Losing weight is something that has eluded me for my entire adult life.  I started searching on the web for some serious help and finally found it.

I learned that the fad diets just do not work.  Oh sure, you may lose weight, maybe even a is lot of weight, but you simply will know by now that the pounds not stay off, in fact they will come back and bring some friends with them.

You can’t cut carbs or fats out of your diet forever, and the good news is, nor should you. will teach you right up front the 10 easy rules of dieting and fat loss.  Trust me, you will learn that a lot of what you thought you knew about weight loss is false, and may even have negative effects on your progress.

I learned that cutting calories is one of those instances where the negative effects came into play.  Once you cut back on your calorie intake way, it doesn’t take long for your body to realize what is happening.  Your body will go into a survival mode and slow your metabolism way down.  It doesn’t know what is going on, only that there are way fewer calories coming in so it decides to slow the burn way down in case the calorie intake stops completely (remember, this is your body, not your mind and it is only concerned about sustaining life).

Another astonishing surprise that I learned is that low fat foods are not really low fat at all.  Statistics show that a consistent diet of low-fat foods eventually will cause a steady weight gain! allowed me to loose to astonishing 9 LBS. every ELEVEN days!  There so that is brand is on accelerated fat loss diet new and produces amazing results.

I’m serious, don ‘t give up hope, don’ t peruse the diet aid aisles anymore, and don’t start yet another fad diet.  It’s almost bikini weather so check out fat loss 4 idiots so you can start showing your fabulous new bod right away!