As you can train your brain and increase your IQ

Everyone wants to know, how is his IQ scores increase. Most scientists believe that you can actually raise your IQ between 10 and 20 points through the “Exercise” of the brain. Here is a list of activities that you can build business, increasing your intelligence and increase IQ score.

1. First above, and this is pretty much a given, puzzles and other brain tease activities operate. Soduku anyone?

2. Block one (or more) of the senses, and then engage cleaning activities in the House to. This forces even “rewire” the brain.

3. On the same note you maintain handedness and behavior with both hands. E.G. you pass activities such as writing or brushing of the non-dominant for dominant hand.

4. Engage your brain in creative activities such as art, music or writing.

5. Find an another way of use for everything in your home. For example, you could be what other things a nail file for use?

6. Learn the nuances of the wine tasting; This requires the brain to use other senses than sight.

7. Learn juggling.

8 Take an extreme sports such as skateboarding and rock climbing.

9 Listen to to the comedy shows and comedians. Laughter. Be funny. Have a good time.

10. Play more. Creative activities stimulate the brain; so fear not, action figures or dolls to play with your children.

11. More sleep to get. The brain needs to dream the downtime and to stimulate themselves.

12. Throw away the calculator and do simple math.

13 Classical music.

14. Learn something new every day.

15 Take chess.

16 Playing video games (not too loud cheer about that).

17. Keep a diary.

18. Eat well. Avoid sugar; Add more antioxidants to your diet.

19 Exercise. Physical activity is shown to stimulate the brain.

20. Learn a new language.

21 Learn speed reading.

22. Read books.

23. The TV turn off and take a walk go.

24. Drink plenty of water.

25. Join of a debate society.

These are just some of the things you can do to challenge brain. As a sportsman, to change the workout program, you must change how to do things as you think. Don’t let by the atrophy of gray matter. Think of your own list of things that make live to handle like a jigsaw puzzle and are on your way to stimulate, what you were born. It means not to change, you think you your whole life just why you the way of doing, what can you do, or do better in the future as you at.