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There are so many ways to lose weight, the best way I’ve found is the body by VI 90 Day Challenge. This is the reason why I like best, because you can challenge themselves, and the challenge, you have a group of followers on Facebook, where you keep your goals! What is the challenge? A 90-day transformation of your mind and your body!

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How do I remove?

The body by VI helps to lose weight by simply replacing a shake on the day a meal, there are different types of flavors that mix the shake so-called, that taste like cake mix. How do I remove? There are many different packages for you. With 90 days to lose 10, 20, or 30 kg, choose one of these packages:

Body by VI shape Kit

The “form” Kit helps you to start you see results and shaping your body. This kit contains 60 servings balanced diet with our VI-shape ™ nutritional shake mix, so you can have 2 meals per day of this great-tasting shake, packed with high-performance nutrition. How can I lose weight , the kit you will find a selection of our health aromas, taste add variety, and benefits for the health of your shake for $99 per month added to

How do I remove?

Body by VI-core Kit

As I take off? The “core” Kit supports your active/fitness lifestyle with patented anti-aging and energy formula, balanced nutrition and hydration and energy without the jitters. The program is based on your diet to keep in balance with a shake per day until your body enzymes, fiber, calcium and Prebiotics, your body normally support regularity help fuel even with a lean protein, digestive. With our comprehensive VI-Pak, for solid nutritional support from head to toe and the patent pending NEURO ® smart energy-drink mix to support healthy brain function and keep sharp to combine. As I lose weight? No other system can compete to support optimal physical and teen health! Also included is a range of health notes, add variety of flavor and health benefits shake your added. All this for $199 per month.

Body by VI transform Kit

The “transformation” Kit is the ultimate shape and nutritional ingredients you can see and feel the most packed. This kit contains a 30-day supply of all necessary to your body for a healthier, transform happier. In this weight loss Kit: 2 (30-serving) bag VI-shape ™ nutritional shake mix; a selection of our health aromas, flavor variety and additional health benefits your shake, 1 bottle of VI-slim Metab-awake tablets ™ add; 1 Box of VI-trim ™ clear control drink mix, 1 box of applications of the ViSalus NEURO ™ smart energy (remove lemon and raspberry boost flavors); and 1 bottle of our VI-Pak Omega vitals capsules. All this for $249 per month

How do I remove?

Body by VI fit Kit

ViSalus-fit Kit is ideal for athletes and those who lead active lifestyles. 2 Bags (60 servings) ™ VI-shape nutritional shake mix, thus a shake meal (mix shake with milk and fruit you can) and others as a snack in water mixed. This is because to help restore your body it is important to get protein in the body, to complete within 30 minutes a workout. How I lose weight.30 Nutra cookie (10 of each flavor: chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, peanut butter) for a 30 servings of our ViSalus GO, snack healthy day ™ and the ViSalus PRO ™. These are good to drink before a work out (20-30 minutes before the training), physical condition and endurance during your work out, and then while working out f