As HCG plans, Avoirdupois – naturally melt diet!

How long have you tried, stubborn lose weight through diet and exercise? Months? Years? HCG diet plans make all the difference in the closely. HCG works miracles not by yourself, but hit, they receive according to the results, which alone can not be achieved through diet and exercise.

Why diet and exercise not enough

Our bodies are biologically, programmed, that to save fat reserves. Physical components of protein the body can, but fats are the fuel, running the machine. In fact we had no fat at all, we would not long survive; about 15% body fat in healthy normal applies.

The problem is that the environment in which our species in which developing, our ancestors stuck or situations experienced famine. Our bodies store fat against times of famine, so that we can survive.

This procedure is called subject to a small region in our brain, the hypothalamus. Unfortunately, the hypothalamus has no innate awareness or intelligence; It can’t say whether we are deliberately restricted our calories or if we experience in fact real famine. Therefore, if we reduce our calories, is the tendency to keep fat in your life.

Strenuous exercises aggravated the situation; If the hypothalamus is a “Fight or flight” situation-perform, which is the situation in which very nature strenuous activity – is it by eating in our lean muscle tissue to respond, rather than drawing on fat reserves, in addition to the increase of in appetite.

Therefore incidentally, strenuous exercise for people on the HCG diet plansis not recommended. Boost appetite is that the last thing should do people on these plans.

The difference of HCG

‘Human chorionic gonadotropin’ is a hormone that regulates the function of the hypothalamus. In the presence of this substance, the hypothalamus is literally rewritten so that if calorie intake is reduced, the body retains its normal metabolic rate and rely on FAT-to compensate the deficiency to the reserves.

HCG diet plans usually require some changes in the foods that you as well as a dramatic reduction of calories food. This is the hardest part for most people on traditional diets; eat less leads to feelings of the ongoing, nagging hunger and deprivation.

You will probably have some discomfort during the first day or his fat reserves two on the HCG program to feel, but once the hormone attack and your body starts, these feelings happen and you feel more comfortable eating only 500 calories per day. In fact, most people who have used HCG, find that they feel much better and more energetic clinging to her new eating habits even after they have reached their weight loss goals.

Learn more about HCG diet plans on /. This informative site has a wealth of information about the program, including sample recipes, and how you order your own supply of HCG and meet your goals to start weight loss immediately.