Arthritis pain and natural remedies

Ayurveda is used for the treatment of arthritis. According to Ayurveda arthritis is caused by an excess of AMA and lack of Agni. The reason for this is nothing more than poor digestion and a weakened colon. This results in the accumulation of undigested food and also construction of waste. Poor digestion in the system can accumulate toxins in the body. Thus, the problems can the toxins with the colon to achieve the joints.

Therefore, the only way is to treat arthritis, to reduce the stimulation of the digestive fire of that the Agni and the AMA.

Ayurveda recognizes and distinguishes three categories of arthritis. These categories are vata, pitta and kapha. To correctly handle, for this condition, it is important to carefully diagnose what kind of arthritis you have.

There are three types of arthritis according to Ayurveda. These include:





If the arthritis due to vata is in your body, your joints will crack and pop. The joint is then dry. You are not swollen, if excess vata did not cause arthritis.


The arthritis, which is caused by Pitta is characterized by inflammation. The joint is swollen. The joint is painful even without any kind of movement. The knee looks red and feels hot to the touch.


Kapha type of arthritis that stiff joints, and swollen tends to be. The joint feels too cold and wet, instead of hot. A little movement in the joint tends to increase the pain as a reduction of it.

General treatment of arthritis

Depending on the individual lifestyle, his diet and his emotional patterns of vata, pitta or kapha is out of balance, and this can lead to arthritis. Then a certain dosha Agni is slows down the digestive fire. In the toxic, poor digestion, and this sticky byproduct is known as AMA.

Vata is the most important active dosha. Vata brings the AMA in the large intestine. From there, it crosses the system afterwards. Vata then calls in the bone and joints. This leads to the stiffness and pain characteristic of arthritis.

Ayurveda attempts to remove the AMA out of the joint. It seeks mainly to bring it back to the colon and later its elimination. For the ability to do this, we need to cleanse the colon and the best way to determine the type of arthritis to keep. As soon as those that determine start means that are recommended for the particular type of arthritis. If you don’t know what kind of arthritis it is, whether you can arthritis, vata, pitta or kapha sure you take 1 teaspoon of Triphala during the night. You can, taking along with 1/2 to 1 cup of warm water.

If you somehow have to know what kind of arthritis is there, you can get consequences. Together with 1/2 to 1 teaspoon warm water, you use the following treatment:

Use Haritaki for vata type of arthritis using Amalaki for Pitta type of arthritis using Bibbitaki for kapha type of arthritis

Ayurveda recommended general techniques, to increase the intensity of the digestive fire, Agni. This is being done, to the toxins, the threat to the body burn is.

Natural solution: Arthcare oil – a anti-inflammatory herbal massage oil.
Arthcare is an anti-inflammatory herbal oil, which also strengthens not only relief of joint pain, but the bone tissue, the skeletal and neuromuscular systems, a comfortable movement of the joints and muscles.

Follow some diets, a the bottom and begin treated for arthritis

You can use selected foods and herbs.

Nutrition can Detox

Usually one is three-to five – day detoxification diet for people who committed this kind of problem. You can do lots of vegetables, juices, spices and herbs. These are taken usually during fasting. This dietary habit lasts until the body shows signs that really strong burns the fire of digestion. Also important is a return of appetite, these characters. These characters create a feeling of lightness as well as create a feeling give a clear coating on the tongue.

Use colon the enemas / cleaning

There are enemas and other means for cleaning of the DOP