Are health in search of vacation retreat and fitness center in Gold Coast

We provide various Aliments due to faulty lifestyle including tension, stress, incomplete sleep, hours, habits of improper diet, lack of exercise, schedule etc overloaded. Natural healing therapy is a good solution for the defective lifestyle. This therapy treats, body, mind and soul, and at the same time it regenerates the strength of the energy.

Camp Eden a health holiday leading under the Australia’s helps to restore natural energy discover harmony and balance. It will in turn improve the possibility of your inner beauty and real sense of well-being.

Camp Eden is also an ideal place for other treatments and packages including personal development, sauna steam room, weight control, Spa aromatherapy, change of habits, holistic body treatments and massage and spa beauty treatments, Detox, stress, etc.

Camp Eden provides various natural healing therapies, such as acupuncture, Chinese health assessment, Chi NEI Tsang, deep tissue massage, fluid body, hot rock therapy, Indian head massage, Ka Huna bodywork, lymphatic drainage massage, body alignment-zero balancing, reflexology, Reiki, remedial massage, Shiatsu massage, Thai Yoga Massage, Kinesiology, Zent Hai Shiatsu massage, naturopathy, meditation, yoga, Pilates, fitness therapy, etc..

Camp Eden spa-beauty therapy treatment packages comes in three different packages:

  • New and exciting treatment spa packages
  • Pampering treatments for face
  • Pampering treatment for body

New and exciting spa treatment packages, offered at Camp Eden soil contains organic bounty-, cleaning, full bloom, you Adonis, Golden goddess, pregnancy packages, etc.

Pampering treatments for the face, the camp Eden offered include Kerstin Florian hyaluronic sky, collagen treatment, Silicum sensation, Detox facial Depolluting, classic facial treatment, cosmetic acupuncture, etc.

Pampering treatments for body, which offered include camp Eden-signature body treatment, slim and sculpt wrap, sublime wrap, aromatic salt glow body Polish, body treatment enjoy Thalgo signature treatment, hand & foot spa at Camp Eden, express nails, grow, tempting upgrades, Santorini Tan, etc.

Camp Eden is the therapist, personal trainer, class teachers, cooks and holistic therapist team, and they all are with advice and support during your stay.

Camp Eden health holiday at the Currumbin Valley one of the leading who specialized in the Australia Wellness-Beauty treatments various treatment packages such as spa-beauty therapy treatments, acupuncture health, sauna steam bath, natural healing therapy, Spa aromatherapy, holistic body therapies & massage and spa beauty treatments.

Looking at the camp Eden more treatment packages offered, then you go through the website: resort, health and fitness center