Always the natural view of Rhinoplasty

Reshaping the nose through a rhinoplasty operation is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures. It has a significant impact on someone’s face, by one compared to the nose to other features. Rhinoplasty surgery has a long history, modern methods have a more natural-looking nose that holds its shape in the course of time.

Was historically associated with Rhinoplasty surgery after surgery who “exaggerated”. These older forms of reduction Rhinoplasty often led noses that were too small for the face, low bridges and up-turned tips. Although the nose appears not so immediately after surgery, this phenomenon developed months or years later. This nasal appearance was the result of removing too much of the natural structures of the nose. Remove the bridge of the nose too low (bone and cartilage) or shortening excessively nose (all cartilage), it now looks good, weakens the support of the nasal framework. Course of time after surgery, scar tissue forms and shrinks, the nose of Downwward and in the creation of a sunken look unnatural is. It may too small, reverse or look too narrow and pinched at the top.

It is estimated by the today’s plastic surgeons, maintaining as much support on the nose is most important. The nose is like a House, frame must be respected to keep intact the roofline. Modern Rhinoplasty is about the realignment of the nasal structures rather than just take out. In this way, the nasal dorsum fistula (line along the bridge to the top) remains smooth, but at a good height, the end of the nose is lifted, but not too high, and the tip of the nose is narrowed, but not carried out in a single point.

In addition to less removal of cartilage and bone, which makes natural Rhinoplasty using support cartilage transplants demand Add. Grafts, with small hand-carved grafts to improve tip shape, to breathe spreaders Cratilage grafts in the center of the nose, and actually increase the height and the line of the nose by onlay open support the tip of the nose by rod or base prostheses are just some of the methods through the nose can be Builtup and strengthened. This cartilage transplants are usually acquired, the septum of the nose (which can be straightened at the same time) or from the back of the ear.

Natural correction methods using the concepts of nasal tissue preservation, artistic orientation of the different areas of the nose and skillful manipulation of small nasal elements. This Rhinoplasty techniques require as a rule, that the skin shall be repealed from the nose through an “open approach” to the price of an indetectable scar on the Columella. (Strip of skin between the nostrils) Natural noses fit each patient face more proportional and never have, that appear to be ‘run’. The long-term results of these techniques are equally rewarded the plastic surgeon as well as the patients.