7 Things you should know about the HCG weight loss program

Dr. Simeons developed his HCG diet plan based on observations of abnormal fat loss while working in India with hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) supplemented Adiposogenital Dystrophic males.

Improved treated the boys with their Undescended testis, but they lost the abnormal fat stored around the abdomen, hips and fat pad at the base of the neck.

With this knowledge, Dr. Simeons put ye back to Rome, where he treated the rich and famous for nearly 30 years. During this time, he perfected his program.

The hypothalamus is a part of the brain stem. It is the oldest part of the brain. It is in our involuntary functions, including fat storage and utilization.

The hypothalamus thinks that we should still hunters and gatherers, so as our society changes, and we to eat planned meals began with much higher calorie intake the hypothalamus its upper limit of calories beat, that could handle it.

To compensate for the extra calories, they shoved him aside in abnormal fat stores. These fat reserves were forgotten, from the brain and inaccessible through the body, to be used as fuel.

This is the reason why a person who gaunt by cutting calories or weight losing by a surgery can look and has great hips or a bulging stomach.

With hCG combined with a very low calorie diet tricks for the survival of the hypothalamus to think, are in a State of hunger so that it stores calories from abnormal fat then freed.

While going through you don’t live the program on food intake. To free life on the calories, HCG from the abnormal fat reserves. This can be between 2000-4000 calories per day.

The diet, with the program connected is very restrictive and should be followed exactly. Dr. Dr. Simeons perfected this diet Protocol over decades of research. Some minor changes to the diet plan can be made available to compensate of for changes in the eating habits of today’s supermarket.

This program is different than all out, because:

(1) It resets the hypothalamus so you don? t gain the weight back after you have completed the program

(2) Targets the abnormal fat (you can not lose fat with diet and exercise)

(3) The skin is indented, because you lose the fat.

HCG is not a hormone, it is a complex molecule that contains over 300 Aminopeptides. It is in every human tissue in males and females. Its primary purpose is apparently protected to be rejected an embryo.

The embryo is genetically that 50% of the father a risk of maternal body there so strange appears as. A miscarriage this rejection of the fetus without hCG would be the result.

HCG performs many other functions in the body, some well documented, such as its impact on the hypothalamus in weight loss. Research progresses in more benefits of hCG.