5 Tips for healthy diet and weight loss

There’s so much in the media about diet crazes and miracle food, but what is the healthy way of eating? It’s so hard to know the contradictory information. Good fats, bad fats, trans-fatty acids, protein-rich, low protein, complex and simple carbohydrates; What is the right thing for our body?

Healthy eating requires some time, effort and planning. It means eating three meals a day and healthy snacks if necessary. It’s not about skip meals or to limit itself to a kind of food. Healthy eating is about, a balance between the foods that we love and the food that are good for us. Below you will find our LIS-tips for healthy eating:

  1. Think about why you eat: many of us eat, because we bored or stressed or upset to help to deal with our emotions. We splurge often on unhealthy, sugary, or fried foods, when we need a pick me up. I’m really hungry, when you are hungry or looking for something bad to you, you are questions? I really need to eat, or just feel emotional.
  2. Follow your regular meal times: have a meal and be sick. Even if you feel hungry you try to eat lunch and tea at the scheduled time for tomorrow. Plan throughout the day in the morning what you eat and stick with it. This helps you to avoid high sugar and fat temptations during snack times.
  3. Try to cook new possibilities and prepare food:  Cooking of food is a very unhealthy way of cooking. There are many other options that can be just as tasty. Try to avoid grilling, baking, poaching, steaming or stir-frying food, add fat.
  4. Cut soft drinks: many people would be surprised to know that simply cutting out, lose weight most people can lead to sugary drinks from your diet. A serve lemonade can contain a few days supply of energy by sugar. This energy turns to fat, if it is not burned, out.  Also fruit juice can be an unnecessary source of sugar. Try to replace juice or soda water; This also helps with sensation of Hungriness. Many times we are actually dehydrated when we feel hungry.
  5. Buy not diet food: many diet foods can have less sugar, but they are often still in calories and taste like cardboard. These foods are not satisfactory, and you will often something else eating after to meet one of this “diet” products. It is much better to make a healthy, delicious meal for something labeled to settle diet.
  6. Eat slowly: Food should be enjoyed, a meal is not a race. Your body takes about 20 minutes to register body is your full of feeling, if you eat too fast have not time to respond and you may end up overeating.  If you eat slowly your body will tell you when you’ve had enough.