5 Steps to overcome the emotional eating

Louise realized XXL vs Superskinny on Channel 4 this week that their biggest challenge was emotional or food – comfort food in an attempt to calm their emotions. The problem is that food alleviate emotions – or at least not for very long. We received an initial euphoric wave, as we do in this packet of biscuits or chocolate perched; We are often wonderfully rebellious and naughty first – is under water by a far more negative emotion called a kind of “Thing in the world” response but that soon fault!

Once enters guilt that we begin, feel really bad about us. “Why do I that?” “I’m a dork!” All the answers I heard time and time again say my customers are “I’ve blown it again”. We can also offer us for doing what we “should” have not done and thus begins a vicious cycle of-negative emotion/comfort food / negative emotion/comfort food and so on.

Comfort food or food complaints?

And there is an interesting choice of words! We call chocolate, cake, ice cream etc. Comfort Food and still not there on all the comforts. It stresses our body through our blood sugar sky drive and plays havoc with our emotions – not very reassuring it is at all really! How can we really console us and avoid this discomfort food!

Think of the thin 5 steps to overcome the emotional eating

Here are 5 steps that will help you to manage your feelings and overcome, emotional eating:-

1. If you are eating ‘Comfort’, take a moment to determine what was the emotional trigger. What was the feeling that you want to ‘Comfort’ food. Was it boredom, frustration, anger, stress, sadness…? Often, we have a joint emotional trigger.

2. Take a moment to think about 3 ways you could handle this emotion more productive. What actions can you take, you know that that negative emotions, which would far better than food help overcome complaints! For example, if the emotion was sadness, you could maybe uplifting music, some clips from your favorite comic on YouTube or phone a friend who can still earn laugh no matter what to see! Come with 3 strategies that work really well for you and write you somewhere to help them, to commit them in the store.

(3) Retain these alternatives in the eye, and the next time you feel the feeling, remember, you now, have four options to choose from. His what is it?

4. Whatever you choose 15 minutes after you record your choice you somewhere the choice you have made, and whether you feel:-.

a) as bad if not worse than you intend

(b) slightly better than before

(c) loads better than you previously

5. Then the next time you feel this feeling back and repeat the exercise. In the course of time you are suitable strategies which best able to make much more informed decisions, while of course adoption for you