5 Sober questions HCG diet program

1. What kind of hCG used the programme E.g., injectable, prescription hCG. Drops Sublingually, pellets, tablets, creams or nasal sprays?

Because the hCG diet gained media attention, there were massive unscrupulous and unscientific Adulterations and adjustments by Dr. Simeons original hCG Protocol research. Only the authentic, injectable, prescription form of hCG was used in the original Dr. Simeons Protocol.  If hCG injected in the body will get it gets into the bloodstream and travels to the hypothalamus, this is the original, normal function.  In combination with a 500 calorie diet – Consisting of certain quantities and types of meat, fruit and vegetables,-the body “is formed” in such a way that clearly to the weight loss as a result authentic, injectable, hCG is.  This is because only the abnormal, problem area fat from the body, the emergency reserve fat and muscle intact will be removed.  The kind of weight loss occurs by sublingual drops, pellets, tablets, creams or nasal sprays is no different from weight loss as a result of other diet such as Atkins, weight watchers, Jenny Craig, etc hCG in the above oral, Sublingual, topical or spray gets forms not in the bloodstream and reached therefore not the hypothalamus to create shaped body the result of authentic, injectable, hCG.  As a result of this falsified forms, the hCG weight loss is fat and their muscles at the expense a person emergency reserve.  To avoid cheating with the various Adulterations of HCG, you should a doctor with experience with real, authentic, find injectable hCG for your weight loss program.

2. Is the business with the hCG weight loss program, a real medical clinic, or just an Internet site?

The best programs for at least 4 to 5 years in the business have been, treated thousands of patients and have an actual physical address and real people, where you can talk to, if you have problems.  Currently there with thousands of Internet sites, providing (as well as real injectable hCG) falsified forms of hCG, only a website that only you should have problems an e-Mail address, no physical address and no opportunity to speak with a person, real, live, during your program.  Thousands of unsuspecting consumers of weight loss have by this unscrupulous Internet marketers of distorted forms of hCG as well as with the real injectable hCG cheated.  The probability of success your weight-loss program is greatly increased if the program provider meet the above minimum requirements.

3. What is the average number of pounds and inches for the injection of 23 and 40-injection programs for women and men lost?

A real hCG weight loss medical clinic will be able to give data on the actual number of pounds and inches , who had lost their patients in their programs.  If they are not imminent with exact numbers, avoid this clinic.  The average patient losing about 15 pounds and 2.5 inches from their waist or hips on the 23-injection program and 30 pounds and 5 inches on the 40-injection program in a good clinic.  The average male patient loses more pounds and inches (21 kg and 3.5 inch with 23 injections and 40 lbs 7 inch with 40 injections).  If the hospital data are significantly lower than the above average values, you avoid this clinic.  If your data is much higher than the above average values avoid even this clinic, as they probably provide you with wrong data.  As authentic, injectable hCG only removing abnormal, problem fat reserves from the body allows maintaining muscle and emergency fat reserves, which customs lost in relation to the number which is pound close to 2-fold higher than with regular diets without authentic hCG.  In other words, weight will bring lost usually half of the customs with falsified forms of hCG, from the belly or waist E.g. 30 kg typically performs weight loss with adulterated form of hCG, losing only 2.5 inches.

4. Weight gain of which percentage of patients their back and why?

A premium hCG weight loss exact data on how many of their patients are also capable of clinic, their weight back after a round of hCG injections to give