5 Healthy drinks for safe weight loss

Many overweight people successfully lose those extra pounds because you simply do not care, what they have on their plates, but also by watching what they have in their glass. Yes! By simply watching your drink menu and Trinkgewohnheiten, can lose even a considerable amount of weight. There is a general assumption that what we eat, our body weight is one; However, the fact that even what we drink is our body fat is. There are many liquids that contain high amount of calories, quickly consumption in your body can increase fat; but you should be more careful, on what kind of fluid you consume will you contribute to weight loss, safe and very effective.

Some are healthy ways of consumption below suggested to add liquid without unwanted body fat. In addition, this liquid diet options that much quickly and successfully to promote safe and successful weight loss help.

Ice cold water

Must be aware of them all, that water helps to reduce body weight; but not many people know that you will burn an extra 300-500 calories per day, if you 8-10 glasses of chilled water to drink. This is because when you drink ice cold water, your body has to burn calories, the heat of the ice, ensure cold water to your body temperature. So, in this process, you can lose up to 1 kg per week. Try to drink about 2 additional glasses of water every day, so that you, stimulate your metabolism to another 40% and can certainly shed some pounds.

Fat milk

We all know that milk is rich in calcium and calcium weight loss helps to stimulate the breakdown of fat from fat cells. That doesn’t mean however that drinking milk, just work. Double the rate of fat breakdown of your body can only milk, which is low in fat. Try, fat drink milk or at least milk is low in fat count.

Green tea

Studies show that 40-50% more fat to burn, to drink 3-5 cups of green tea daily. Green tea helps metabolism and stimulates weight loss faster than does any other beverage. In addition, it contains healthy antioxidants which are good for your health, as well as for the skin. Drink a cup of green tea an hour before your meals because it helps to faster above and you will help your metabolism to consume less food. You can go also for other healthy options Likeblack tea and black coffee.

Vegetable juice

Such as fruits, vegetables are also rich in nutrients. The best thing is, that the vegetables contain fewer calories than fruits are free of any sugar. Meals drink a glass of vegetable juice before your fewer calories also helps you, as you consume usually recording. Carrots, spinach, cucumber and celery are some common vegetables, explain the tasting best juices.

Coconut water

Replace your usual liquid drinks with coconut water, because they contain more electrolytes than most fruit juices and energy drinks. In addition, it is without additional sugar and artificial flavouring substances. Coconut water is naturally speeds up metabolism and supports give your body more energy, so you take a long time with more intensity from much faster working out.