5 Balanced meals for weight loss and healthy eating

The way have probably read somewhere that a healthier, which is through exercise and healthy eating. You have to attach also an idea of what should be the perfect healthy meal, and of course it carbohydrates, proteins, good fats, vegetables, fruits and good hydration. But what really simply means? Let’s break it down into simple meals that you can implement, and they work very well with lunch or dinner.

Meal 1:

2 Slices whole wheat bread with butter, which contains unsaturated fatty acids. Salad with cucumber in slices of ham (lean), use that as a filling. Fill the meal by having a banana.

Meal 2:

Seeded bun with butter, which contains unsaturated fats, low fat cheese and tomatoes. Complete the meal with prunes, raisins or dried fruit.

Meal 3:

Prepare baby potatoes with some tuna or salmon. You can include low Dick Mayo with tuna or salmon, and for your vegetables, they contain some lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber. The food can with 100% fruit juice or an Apple or a fruit of your choice to fill in.

Meal 4:

Prepare a salad with red, green and yellow bell peppers, lettuce and cucumber with a light salad dressing. Prepare to enjoy a chicken breast with lettuce, and you can finish the meal with grapes, Kiwi fruit and low fat yogurt.

Meal 5:

Grill or oven bake some lamb chops, and enjoy with a salad with low Dicke salad dressing. Opt for herbal leaves for salad and add some low fat feta cheese. Enjoy with an orange or a grapefruit juice.

These meals are really fast and you need to feel guilty not on consumption. The same meals guidelines you can prepare healthy meals for your child for lunch. Healthy diet is a question of being aware, the food you put in your stomach.