3 Ways to calculate your heart rate by an Orange County personal trainer

Orange County personal trainer I know that your maximum heart rate is an important guiding principle for you to measure training success. For many years we all have conditions been, to use the simplest formula. This is the formula 220 minus your age.

From there it was easy to calculate your correct work zones, simply multiply the first number by the percentage, which you wanted to be. (MHR x. 5 up. 7 or more, depending on the desired intensity). This is however not too precisely because of fitness levels and body size or other factors.

Know to really your maximum heart rate, you need to contact, really at a testing facility where they hook you up to several machines and work until they drop from exhaustion. Then, you can determine your maximum heart rate.

For most people, this is impossible. A simple search engine study show you many methods, that people try to calculate your maximum heart rate. (Such as the Karvonen method of calculating by THR.)

Want to have a good idea of your maximum heart rate is and you need to find out what is your heart rate, how to know when you have reached your heart rate while running. A combination of one of the following methods to help you.

The talk test

If you can sing, joke and carry on, while you work, you work at all not much chances. This would be the easy level or a gentle stroll.

If you can maintain a conversation with someone, then you’re probably in the moderate range. If you maintain a conversation find difficult but still do-able, working out at a good hard level and are likely burning fat, and work your heart.

If you get barely a word or two, or carry on a conversation at all can not, you work out at a high intensity level and if you are no athlete, this is the wrong level for you, if you are in training or something like intervals.

Cardio equipment

This is similar to the talk test and can be carried easily, while you work out. Many professional trainers often use this test. The scale ranges from 1-10 with a nearly comatose and on a couch or sleeping. You make at all not on the.
A rate of three would light housework or comfortably on foot, say about a store be.

A rate of four to six is a moderate effort and where most beginners start. A rate of seven when quite hard and is probably just for runners and training for events. A 09:52 is untenable and the danger to Dodge or Sprint for a bus.

Heart rate

Wearing a heart rate monitor or to try to take heart rate with a stopwatch in your hand is another method. You have a ballpark figure of what your maximum and target heart rates are, take your heart rate while still in motion and the exercises.

If one or more of the above methods use to your rate control during training and during every training, you can measure your success and have a more effective fat burning or cardio workout every time.

If you want to get the optimum o training and know how you tell if you are in the area of training, fat burning and Cardio zone, then you need to calculate your heart rate during operation. General target heart rate for your maximum heart rate is usually between 50-80% of your maximum heart rate.

If you’re just starting, a novice to work, then you should it slow at first. Between 50-60%, start and work to slowly over several weeks or months, until your heart rate is 70-80%. You start with the lowest intensity you feel three to four days per week good for 10 to 20 minutes per session.

If you have reached a certain point, you are at one in the middle between training guru and newly on the term. In General, you want your heart rate to keep approximately between 60-70%. You should deodorize, 30 to 45 minutes of cardio or fat burning exercise four-are up to five times per week.

Finally, you will watch something and want more out of your training to start. At this time, your heart rate should approximately 70-80% of your maximum heart rate. You should perform approximately six 30-minute sessions of cardio per week, or three 60-minute session of cardio or fat you could burn work outs per week and spending the session between burn even more