3 Tips to maximize your oral HCG weight loss

Taking oral HCG has proven, as effective as the injected form of the human chorionic gonadotropin weight loss. Oral HCG must be under the tongue three times per day, and committed, according to Dr. Simeon, if carefully developed 500-calorie diet.

Now, have a look the top three ways, to successfully lose weight and maintain weight loss over the course of time.

Journal for weight loss
Keep a weight loss journal- that every single bite which is can tracking food, that passes your lips, how much you exercise and how you are Fühlen– really on how much weight you lose and how long you stay with your weight-loss plan affect.

If you follow the HCG diet, can HCG weigh taking orally every day drop, and measure your food a weight loss journal, an essential tool to keep you on track to reach your goals.

Weight loss coach
Work with a weight-loss coach help find effective tips and strategies for dealing with emotional eating, you want development of a sensible diet plan and workout plan that helps you to achieve weight loss. Scientific studies have shown that with a weight loss coach diet to keep more, with their diet for a long time and to sustain the weight loss lose weight has helped work.

Non-food rewards for success
Non-food rewards to encourage you, if you achieve the weight loss milestones, is a great incentive to help you last longer with your program. If you are down that 500 calorie meals staring, and think about how tasty taste one is banned from your favorite foods, helps to visualize you, your eyes on the prize and delay to keep satisfying your premiums.

How low calorie diets work
You can successfully regardless of remove what kind of diet you choose, as long as you consistently a caloric intake-that means create that you burn more calories than you consume.

Must stop to find out how many calories you expend your current weight it multiply by 10, and 12 If you’re a woman if you’re a man. Subtract 500 calories from this number to determine how many calories you should take if you want to lose a pound per week.

Example: Susan weighs 180 kg 180 X 10 = 1,800 calories per day to maintain your weight
500 = 1300 Calories per day to 1 pound a week lose 1,800.

Only you are basic rules of weight loss, taking into account your daily activity level not and how much exercise you get.

Use these three tips, oral HCG and follow the HCG diet, to achieve consistent weight loss, re-sculpt of body and keep the weight for good.