10 Tips for an overweight teen support

A supporter of teen weight loss. Her 10-point checklist!

Thank you for accepting the challenge to support Chris in his goal to lose weight. These tips apply to young people of both sexes, so we have called our example Chris.

You might be Chris, or someone like him – overweight or even obese and want change, that you can be like other teenagers. One thing I must you questions how badly you want to change?
Very bad. Desperate?
Very good, because without great desire to lose weight permanently you inevitably fails. The way you need your courage and determination. Despite the hype, you read, it’s not just about weight loss.
If you find your helpers, please discuss this checklist with them.

We come down to company – are the questions that you need to talk, and research. Do your research carefully as you explore your options.
While there are sites with valid plans and products, the majority are pills or programs that promote the practically useless. Books are often a better choice.
Let us speak with the head of your support (and you of course), with the ten tips.

Tip 1. Every person is different.

Blatantly maybe, but many weight loss programs ignore this fact with stereotypical advice for both food and exercise. A “size” does not fit all when it comes to shedding fat! (In really difficult cases you need the help of a professional such as a nutritionist or trainer).  If this is not possible, make sure Chris is not the “see food”, which means a “starvation diet”. Undergo him/her not to some half-baked boot camp or even to heavy exercise. If you do, it will regret as sure as the sun rises in the East you!  Remember me is simply not true, on the side of Chris and fast solutions have hidden problems, the the “Quick Fix” say suppliers not to you.

Tip 2. Looking for the causes. Stress, searches, medicines, etc.
You need time, discussion on this aspect of the life of Chris. It is usually the key to obesity.
Is there something “different” about Chris? Medications, illness, family problems, severe stress and So on? The most important task, it is also the hardest to determine. Understand the reasons why your teen is looking for friend more food than is needed.

Tip 3 health, discuss life habits and ambitions
Beware of Torsten’s current diet and what does he or she do for exercise. Improve opportunities for research. Chat about a plan to improve health and lose weight for Chris. There are many plans available (several good, under the garbage).
Emphasize that your support for a life change for Chris, no quick fix is. This means a regular pattern of exercise, no matter how simple, how do school or work and eating fruits, vegetables and reduce or “Cutting out” waste. Yes, I mean that no cake, French fries and other fattening foods processed. Torsten’s body is now screaming for healthy diet and exercise.

Tip 4 arguing against quick fix “Diet”.

If a diet plan is finished, lost the weight is necessarily. Not only that, an unbalanced diet may be harmful, lack of essential nutrients that are important for the health of growing teenagers.  All, that is what Chris, wants a rapid weight loss. I’m very sorry–it just doesn’t work without risk. Slowly it please.

Tip Chris-what is 5 to educate a good diet and why.

Everyone’s body needs the proper nutrients. Without these nutrients work not your body without any impact on your health An example of this is vitamin c. Before it was discovered that vitamin C in your diet was needed, succumbed to people whose eating were a lack of this vitamin a terrible condition known as scurvy. Three hundred years ago scurvy among the sailors, fresh fruit and vegetables was rich in vitamin c because their diets were missing.

What did they do? The problem was solved, when they ate limes, citrus. Lime can be stored for a long time on board ship, the sailors with their essential vitamin c. no more scurvy! For this reason British sailors pitch called “Limeys”.
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